Does your organisation have its own HPC cluster, but insufficient capacity to meet the workload? Struggling with larger models or datasets? Or does it have a real business need for a powerful compute cluster, but is unable generate or justify the necessary investment?

OCF’s enCORE service provides a highly scalable compute facility that can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis via the Internet. No concerns over data centre space, power, cooling, or in recruiting and retaining the skills to implement and maintain your own cluster.  Simply register, log on and begin running jobs in your own secure area. The service provides access to a state-of-the-art IBM iDataPlex compute cluster with Infiniband interconnects, GPU nodes and high speed IBM storage, to deliver a truly scalable, high performance computing resource. Users will be allocated their own home area on the system and, via the scheduler, can place jobs onto the physical compute nodes of the system. Then simply monitor progress and download the results. 

CASE STUDY: Simpact, a Warwick-based CAE consultancy, use enCORE to run LSDYNA for impact analysis. Tim Williams, Simpact Director, says "With the use of the enCORE hardware we are now able to run large models in less than half the elapsed time. This has had a significant impact on our product development process." 
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The service involves a small annual subscription fee, and then a cost per CPU core or GPU hour that is utilised when running jobs on the system. You can also reserve dedicated nodes for your exclusive use. A range of popular applications come as standard, but you may also upload and utilise your own software or in-house code. For users not familiar with running jobs on a HPC cluster, our team of experts, with years of experience in cluster management, Linux, high speed storage and numerous applications, is available to help you to achieve the significant  business benefits that many enCORE users have already experienced.


Wind turbine simulation using XFlow CFD, courtesy of Next Limit Technologies 

Delivering enormous flexibility, and ensuring that you only pay for the resources you have used, this service makes HPC computing a reality for organisations that could not find the significant investment necessary to have their own system. Alternatively, it provides established HPC users with a low cost facility to execute high priority compute jobs when existing resources are fully utilised.

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OCF is a key partner in the Hartree Centre, a major collaboration project between STFC and IBM. The Hartree Centre's core objective is to support UK businesses in harnessing the power and potential of High Performance Computing.


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The nature of XFlow and the way it computes lends itself very well to the enCORE HPC environment. We achieve scalability of over 85% on 1024 cores or more

Matt Hieatt, Director


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